We are ready to start bringing your event to life. Call us now! +1 956 620 1259 We are ready to start bringing your event to life. Call us now! +1 956 620 1259 We are ready to start bringing your event to life. Call us now! +1 956 620 1259

Our Vision

To be the most recognized mariachi group at all United States, offering the best services with the most comfortable prices

Our Mission

Is to guarantee the best performance for you and your guest, we are proud to provide you with great quality so you can enjoy and experience an authentic mariachi band

Our Values

Mariachi America, Texas characteristics represent them as a solid company in the middle Are: Punctuality, Excellence, Responsibility and Loyalty

Our Services

We are a company dedicated to providing musical entertainment services in the Mariachi style, with the aim of giving fun to families who love this musical genre, ensuring punctuality and quality in all their social gatherings.


We will offer a great proposals’ variety so that you can choose our favorite themes and indicate when you want them to play. We are professionals with experience and passionate about music, which create a fun and romantic atmosphere.

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We have an extensive repertoire of songs for every special celebration such as: birthday serenades, fifteen (15) years, songs for mom and dad, love songs, marriage serenades, funerals and others for your social events.

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The Serenade Service is very attractive for those who want to take only one detail to their loved one or for those who want to take the romantic serenade or simply for the pleasure of listening to music, it is a cheaper option but never lacking in quality.

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It is common to give to our loved ones what they enjoyed in life and accompany them on the Christian burial way. There is a usual repertoire in this type of events but the mariachi will always be open to playing what he liked most to whom a tribute is paid.

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Our History

Mariachi America de Texas was born on August 8th, 2009 at Texas, her career as a Mexican and popular music singer has been very satisfying as she has 10 years of experience in this world of music sharing her talent in various recognized artists in the middle.

We are a professional mariachi dedicated to serenades, music, entertainment and fun, with over 10 years of experience delivering to our customers. In ” Mariachi America de TX ” family, we make sure that our clients are 100% satisfied with our presentation, we are characterized by the seriousness, punctuality and our duty fulfillment, we have a great reputation in the middle thanks to the Years of service.

Our commitment and perseverance has led us to be in the first places in the city. ‘Mariachi America De TX’ serenades are performed by our group of experienced musicians, with great artistic quality and extensive experience.

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Openning Hours

Monday – Friday: 7 Pm

Weekends: 7 am – 7 pm

Holiday: Open

Why are we different?


We offer

A fun and respectful show, ready to liven up your party with that special touch given it to you only by us.


We Complete

Your musical orders instantly as we have a wide suitable repertoire for all kinds of meetings, parties or events.



With voices tuned for excellent musical performance, endowed with good presence and properly uniformed



The best musical service with the quality and experience that characterizes us, for an excellent musical performance.

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